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Like Antibiotics, creams has been so popular to get prescribed by dermatologists or at over-the-counter for Acne Vulgaris. Well, if someone talks from allopathic medicine point of view there is no options - besides either antibiotics or creams. Studies shows and you members might also have realized, creams does no progress in long term. It has been mostly ok like in occasional acne just for not spreading bacteria. It no way treats acne, because acne is so random, it can occur at any part of body at any time. There is no preventive measure as such with these creams. Acne anyways take its course of 10 days to 20 days to heal, so no matter how you use it like as a spot treatment or not it takes that time.
As we all know bacteria itself doesn't cause acne at first place, so using anti bacterial like benzoyl-peroxide we doing bad then good. It kills all kinds of bacteria in skin plus peels and dries skin making skin sun-sensitivity and red like sun-burn in white skin or tanned look in dark skin.
Other cream you are suggested is retinoids from Tretinoin family. What it does is it peels skin, when you are continuously peeled ,your skin looks raw and red and thin. High sun-sensitivity and prone to skin cancer. your skin is basically feels burned all the time. Peeling is not long-term treatment for acne. Also its not suitable for all skin types and your skin becomes resistant to such creams in long term. There are so many drugs in the market besides above like salicylic acid, AHA and so on but they are just enough to cleanse the skin and should be done max once a week, but not for acne treatment itself. Its a hoax and hype in market that it treats acne. Just imagine if these creams had worked, you would never see any acne patient on the road or in your circle.
Acne patients need something friendly, not against the nature. While in treatment or after-one should feel normal, not like bad reaction or build up resistant and get into undesirable side effects. I want you to understand, Acne is not a disease. So please don't prefer anti-bacterial agent.
We are proud to say our product "Clear Skin Formula" is a Gold Standard for Acne Treatment, with no known side-effects because its a super composition of essential vitamins and minerals and herbs.

As always Stay Clear - Stay Happy!!🙂

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